LIFE4HeatRecovery promotes and encourages the interaction with other project (Horizon2020, LIFE Programme, etc.) or organisations related to the topics of Sustainable District Heating and Cooling and Waste Heat Recovery to create a network of entities that can build new relationships, interactions and links with the purpose of working together in synergy and establish new and future collaborations. If you want to collaborate with LIFE4HeatRecovery or receive more information, please contact the Project Coordinator Roberto Fedrizzi (roberto.fedrizzi [@] 


SO WHAT Project main objective is to develop and demonstrate an integrated software which will support industries and energy utilities in selecting, simulating and comparing alternative Waste Heat and Waste Cold exploitation technologies that could cost-effectively balance the local forecasted H&C demand also via renewable energy sources integration.
RELaTED Project will provide an innovative concept of decentralized Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) network solution that can pave the way for expanding and modernizing existing district heating networks as well as introducing and establishing district heating in emerging EU markets. 
KeepWarm works with District Heating Systems in 7 countries to increase EnergyEfficiency of these systems and to reduce GHG emissions by promoting a switch from fossil to Renewable Energy Systems.
Horizon 2020 funded UtilitEE project is developing Energy as a Service delivery approach via an open ICT ecosystem.
The objective of ReUseHeat is to demonstrate first of their kind advanced, modular and replicable systems enabling the recovery and reuse of excess heat available at the urban level. ReUseHeat will tackle both technical and non-technical barriers to unlocking urban waste heat recovery projects and investments across Europe.
PLANHEAT will develop and validate an integrated and easy-to-use tool to support local authorities in selecting, simulating and comparing alternative low carbon and economically sustainable scenarios for heating and cooling. It will be validated in the three PLANHEAT cities.
The TEMPO project develops technical innovations that enables district heating networks to operate at lower temperatures. By decreasing the temperature in the systems, it reduces heat losses and allows a higher share of renewable and excess heat to be used as heat sources. 
The D2GRIDS project aims to develop 5th generation urban heating and cooling networks (5G DHC) in Europe. They will allow to anticipate the needs or sources of fatal heat, cold or renewable electricity in their vicinity.
MAtchUP is a EU-funded Smart City project involving three lighthouse cities and four follower cities. The project will design and implement a palette of innovative solutions in the energy, mobility and ICT sectors that will serve as a model of urban transformation for other cities in Europe and beyond.
Waste heat utilization plays an important role in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The website is a key result of the European project CE-HEAT which is funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme that encourages cooperation on shared challenges in Central Europe.
HeatNet NWE will address the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions in North West Europe by creating an integrated transnational NWE approach to the supply of renewable and low carbon heat (incl. waste heat) to residential and commercial buildings. District Heating and Cooling facilitates energy efficiency, less CO2 emissions and a greener economy. 

Associations and Institutions

The District Energy in Cities Initiative is a multi-stakeholder partnership coordinated by UN Environment, with financial support from DANIDA, the Global Environment Facility, Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, and the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP).
The International District Energy Association (IDEA) works actively to foster the success of our members as leaders in providing reliable, economical, efficient, and environmentally sound district heating, district cooling, and combined heat and power.
Euroheat & Power is the international network for district energy, promoting sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and beyond.