LIFE4HeatRecovery results

Design of prefabricated skid for heat recovery

Optimal components sizing for prefabricated skids

Guideline on authorization and tendering processes

Implementation of the waste heat recovery measures

Trading schemes elaborated

Risk assessment and financing schemes elaborated

Business plans for exploitation of heat recovery skid from wastewater

Database of waste heat recovery solutions

Pre-design studies at the Early Adopters' networks

Pre-design studies at the Partner Cities' networks

GIS tool for waste heat recovery opportunities individuation

Impact scenarios at the 4 demonstration networks

Monitored data of the 4 demonstration DH networks

Simulation results of the 4 demonstration DH networks

Urban heat island effect avoided

Socio-economic impact produced at the 4 demonstration networks

Layman's report

Project flyer

Project booklet

Educational kit

Guidebook for planners